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*BEIGL, Michael (Germany) is professor for Ubiquitous and Distributed systems at the Carl-Friedrich Gauss Faculty of the Technische Universität Braunschweig. Previously he was research director of TecO, University of Karlsruhe and visiting associate professer at Keio University in 2005. He obtained both his MSc (1995) and PhD (Dr.-Ing)(2000) from University of Karlsruhe. His research interests includes Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, wireless sensor systems, mobile and ubiquitous networks, novel sensor technology and context awareness. Paper: A Study on the Use of Wireless
Sensor Networks in a Retail Store

BOARDMAN, David (USA) is designer of services and interactions at MIT Mobile Experience Lab. His research is focused on the wide intersection merging urban environment and social relations with technology. His transversal skills in interaction design are merged with a user-centered approach based on social sciences and semiotics. He received received a BA in Media & Communication Studies in Torino and a MA degree in Interaction Design at Domus Academy / Interaction Design Institute in Milan. His arts and design projects were exhibited in Venice, Santiago de Chile, Amsterdam, Sidney, La Habana, Milan and Florence.  Paper: Rethinking the mobile social shopping experience

CASALEGNO, Federico (USA) is the director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab and associate director of the MIT Design Laboratory. A social scientist with an interest in the impact of networked digital technologies on human behavior and society, he both teaches and leads research at MIT, focusing especially on the area of rethinking and designing interactive media to foster connections between people, information, and physical places using cutting-edge information technology. Most recently, he is leading a new strategic alliance to build a pioneering sustainable connected home.  He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Culture and Communication from the Sorbonne University, Paris V (July 2000), with a focus on mediated communication and social interaction in networked communities and wired cities. Paper: Rethinking the mobile social shopping experience

*CHERUBINI, Mauro (Spain): obtained a degree in Educational Studies from the third University of Rome, RomaTre in 2001. He worked for two and a half years as a research assistant at the Media Lab Europe (MLE), in Ireland and at the MIT Media Lab in Boston. He obtained a Master of Arts by Research from St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, in 2004. In June 2008, he was conferred a doctorate in Computer Science (PhD) by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). At EPFL, I conducted research on collaborative annotations of maps and remote gesturing. Paper: Shopping Uncertainties in a Mobile and Social Context.

*CHO, Sooho (Korea) is currently a graduate student at KAIST.  His research is focused on social interactions and large-scale game interactions on the ubiquitous environments. He received B.A and M.S degree in Computer Science at KAIST. He worked as a user interaction researcher at Samsung Electronics. Paper: Media Show-Display: Sweet Glass.

DICKSON, Eilidh (Scotland) is currently a student at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Prior to moving to Copenhagen Eilidh had a background in Product and Service Design, where she placed strong emphasis on user centered design and the value of experience prototyping. At CIID Eilidh is especially interested in how the use of innovative technologies can be applied to service-orientated systems and is passionate about using her skills as a designer to help address the complex social and environmental problems that exist in our society.  Paper: Meet The Food You Eat.

*FORLANO, Laura (USA) is Kauffman Fellow in Law at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.  She received her Ph.D. in Communications from Columbia University in 2008.  Her dissertation “When Code Meets Place:  Collaboration and Innovation at WiFi Hotspots” explores the intersection between organizations, technology (in particular, mobile and wireless technology) and the role of place.  Forlano is an Adjunct Faculty member at Parsons and The New School where she teaches courses on Innovation, New Media and Global Affairs, Technology and the City, Technology Policy, Sustainable Design and Business Ethics. Paper: Do you need me?  Do you want me?:  The Secret Lives of Objects

*GORDON, Dawud (Germany) has a Bachelors in Computer Science Combined from the State University of New York at Albany (2005) and is currently completing his Masters in Informatics in the field of wireless sensor networks at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. Paper: Paper: A Study on the Use of Wireless
Sensor Networks in a Retail Store

*IWAI, Masayuki (Japan): received Ph.D. Media and Governance from Keio University in 2002. He is currently a Project Associate Professor of Tokyo Denki University. His research interests include distributed middleware, visual programming, wireless sensor applications, and RFID systems. He is a member if IPSJ. Paper: Urban Wellness Sensing. and A Study on the Use of Wireless.
Sensor Networks in a Retail Store.

*KRUMME, Coco (USA): is a graduate student at MIT Media Lab studying behavioral economics and financial decision-making. She is interested in data visualization, the neural bases of risk, and simulation of decision-making processes. Paper: Pervasive Shopping, Concrete Budgeting.

LITTLE, Adam (USA) is a student at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design where he is learning to apply technology to everyday life. With a hands-on and user-centered approach, Adam’s projects explore ways that new technology and services can help people make positive change. Before moving to Copenhagen, Adam worked in digital media and web development with nonprofit organizations in the US and abroad.  Paper: Meet The Food You Eat.

*MORI, Masafumi (Japan): Masafumi Mori received Master in Architecture from University of California at Berkeley in 1999. He is currently a Project General Manager of Avant Associates,Inc. His research interests include sensor networks in urban settings and urban
design. He is a member of  City Planning Institute of Japan. Paper: Urban Wellness Sensing.

MUTHYALA, Siddharth (India) has a background in Furniture and Product design and hails from Bangalore, India. When he realised that there was a world to ‘interaction design’ beyond just video games(which he loves!) he got so excited that he promptly decided to study Interaction Design and ended up at CIID, Copenhagen, Denmark. Also, he enjoys being deeply motivated by things that have no immediate meaning to his life, Wikipedia helps him along that road.  Paper: Meet The Food You Eat.

OLIVERIA, Rodrigo de (Spain): is a junior research scientist at the Multimedia Research Group at Telefonica_R&D in Barcelona. He has a doctoral degree in Computer Science from State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and his main research interests include human-computer interaction, mobile computing, artificial intelligence and distance learning. Rodrigo was certified with the highest GPA from all courses of Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) in 2002, and was awarded with the Microsoft_Research_Fellowship in 2007. Paper: Shopping Uncertainties in a Mobile and Social Context.

OLIVER, Nuria (Spain): received the BSc (honors) and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the ETSIT at the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid (UPM), Spain, in 1992 and 1994 respectively. She received her PhD degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, in June 2000. From July 2000 until October 2007, she was a researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. In November 2007, she returned to Spain to create a research group in the scientific team of Telefonica R&D in Barcelona. Paper: Shopping Uncertainties in a Mobile and Social Context.

*TAMURA, Hiroshi (Japan): Research Director, Innovation Lab., Hakuhodo Inc. MSc in Interdisciplinary Information Studies (Univ. of Tokyo, 2003) and BA in Psychology (Univ. of Tokyo, 1994). He has been sharing User study Forum at IPSJ, Japan’s leading CS community, since 2006.   Paper: A Cameo in Her Grocery Shopping.

TOBE, Yoshito (Japan): received Ph.D. in Media and Governance from Keio University in 2000. He is currently a Professor at Tokyo Denki University. His research includes multimedia communications and sensor networks. He is a member of IEEE Communications Society, ACM, and IPSJ. Paper: Urban Wellness Sensing.



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