Posted by: Jie-Eun | April 15, 2009

[Position Paper] Media Show-Display: Sweet Glass


Sooho Cho, Hosung Park, Dongbum Hwang, Hyun-joo Kong and Junehwa Song
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Although Internet shopping has been emerged and broadly spread, off-line shopping still has its advantages. We can make full use of our sensory organs and various communication skills. We can feel the materials and enjoy live face-to-face communication. All of these are the essential part of human shopping experiences. On the other hand, on-line shopping has apparent strong points. We have excellent accessibility to plentiful information and peers’ opinion about the products. Moreover, on-line shopping can customize shopping environment and information for each individual user. In this paper, we enrich off-line shopping experience by adopting advantageous characteristics of on-line shopping such as customized shopping environment, collective evaluation on products, and personalized shopping information. We embodied these design concepts into a digitalized show window with a large, touchable, interactive, public display system, called “Sweet Glass.” We conducted a user study with it in a shopping mall and derived a design guideline for developing public display for shopping activities.


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