Posted by: Jie-Eun | March 19, 2009

[Position Paper] Urban Wellness Sensing


Masayuki Iwai, Masafumi Mori, and Yoshito Tobe

School of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology, JST, Japan
Architect Avant Associates, Inc., Japan
Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan

This paper deals with a supporting system for shoppers in urban area. One our motivation behind this proposal is navigating people from unexpected accidents due to ill conditions of the street surface. Since camera devices cannot sense the street surface in the absence of sufficient light, we use a mechanical input. We propose an Probing Stick and Monolog System. Probing Stick consists of a stick with an accelerometer and a wearable computer, both of which are wirelessly connected. It notifies a user of the level of danger at the street surface as an alert. Monolog system proposed with sensor assisted shopping experimentation system for handicappers. This short paper describes UWS basic architecture, signal processing, and results of preliminary experiments.


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