Posted by: pervasiveyaz | December 12, 2008

shopping – background

rankingranqueen Pix via selwyn yeo on flickr.

Throughout the history of retail, new types of merchandise have introduced new styles of shopping. At the end of the 19th century, the department store was invented to boost consumption with the increasing variety of goods in the emerging downtown of the modern city. Integrated in the urban dwelling environment, the convenience store made its apparition in the 60’s along with the wide spread of the metropolitan network. After the mid 80’s, Internet shopping was born and radically innovated the landscape of commerce. Shopping is not just merely an activity of selling and buying things, but became an important component of contemporary life style that we can call an urban entertainment.
The contribution of technology in the retail sector has been significant for decades. The large scale database of
merchandise facilitated massive sales check in real time; the Internet introduced different shopping behaviors like rating items [the Japanese chain ranKing ranQueen is a good example]. The concept of ubiquitous and pervasive computing has leveraged innovative potentials in commerce by offering immersive experience of consumption in both virtual and physical situations.


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